"It is only as we develop others that we permanently succeed."

Harvey Firestone


The Kingdom Academy exists to educate, enhance, and equip Kingdom Leaders.


To reproduce well trained leaders internationally through excellent live and online mentorship and education.

About us

The Kingdom Academy is the training arm of New Antioch Christian Fellowship. It is designed to equip kingdom leaders for work in Christian ministry. It also enhances the skills experienced ministers already bring to the Kingdom, and it educates those who have limited biblical knowledge.

Our instructors are ordained Ministers and Pastors, college degreed professionals, and graduates of the Academy which dates back to 2002 (formally known as New Antioch Training Institute and Petra Nia Training Institute). In 2017 the Training Institute model was revamped to add more biblical studies, in addition to its training classes, and was renamedThe Kingdom Academy to reflect our churches focus on Kingdom and Community.

The Academy has three learning tracks, Servant Leader, Ministerial, and Pastoral and provides live classes during 4 sessions per year. There are also 3 expedited one day classes each summer and online core classes that are available year round.

Students can earn a Servant Leader Certification, a Certificate of Graduation from the Academy, and a Pastoral Training Certificate.

Meet Our Team

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Evey Prudeaux

Office Administrator for Kingdom Academy

December James

Assistant Pastor, Instructor

Dr. Naida M. Parson

Senior Pastor, Instructor

Tiffany Trass

Asst. Pastor, Instructor

Darian A. Regan

Director of Kingdom Academy, Instructor

Regina Rhodes

Associate Pastor, Instructor,

Tommy Ashton